National Association of hispanic county officials (NAHCO)

priority issues

NAHCO Priorities and Objectives

The NAHCO Board of Directors has identified three priority issues for the upcoming year:

immigration impact


  • To assist in building a grassroots network that will help elect more Hispanics at the local, state, and National levels.
  • To define, clarify, and promote ideas or proposals supported by Hispanic County Officials and to disseminate positions we adopt.
  • To provide the opportunity for Hispanic County Officials to unite in their efforts to communicate with federal officeholders and administrators on the needs and concerns of local government on the impact of federal programs, from a Hispanic viewpoint.
  • To provide a forum from which to participate in, comment upon, or consider official policies and actions of the National Association of Counties (NACo).
  • To serve as a National Hispanic voice from the local level, and advance public understanding of the role counties play in nationwide public policy.Type your paragraph here.

"Get Out the Vote"

NAHCO is a grassroots organization bringing together members to advance Hispanic issues from a local official vantage point. Learn more about our current priority areas.